Prague 2023 Para Dance Sport International Competition


We invite you to the Prague 2023 Para Dance Sport International Competition. This is the third edition of the wheelchair dance competition under the auspices of Czech Para Dance Sport, the Czech Paralympic Committee, and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The event aims to embrace the idea of "Sport is One" and showcase dance in its diverse forms. On Saturday, October 7th, participants will compete in IPC categories as well as emerging participants in NON-IPC categories. The program will culminate in the dance evening "Gala night - Prague 9," where present guests will dance themselves and be inspired by dance show groups. Sunday morning will offer competitions for children without disabilities, the Solo&Duo dance, followed by the second day of the Para Dance Sport World Cup. The event is co-organized by Prague 9 Municipality, led by Mayor Mgr. Tomáš Portlík.

Athlete classifications will take place on 6 October, competitions on 7-8 October.

Updated timetables can be found here.

Latest news

We would like to thank everyone that took part at our competition this year. It was a pleasure to host competition in Prague. You can find results under this link. Gallery will be updated during the week.